Department of Neuro-cardiovascular Interactions

Head of Department

doc. RNDr. Oľga Pecháňová, DrSc.

02 / 3229 6020

02 / 3229 5001


Department of Neuro-cardiovascular Interactions is focused on signaling pathways that may affect different mechanisms of the cardiovascular system by central and sympathetic regulations and vice- versa, on the analysis of metabolic processes in the heart and vessels that may affect both central nervous system and sympathetic autonomic nervous system. In the framework of the clinical practice outputs, the department is focused on monitoring of drugs and substances, in particular the polyphenolic substances, that determine the levels of nitric oxide and reactive oxygen species in cardiovascular and metabolic disorders. 

Department`s center of attention is experimental model of myocardial infarction in both normotensive and hypertensive rats. We study the effect of NO and CO donors, STAT1 and ISG15 inhibitors, as well as other substances on the size and area of myocardial infarction and accompanying pathophysiological changes.  

Concerning metabolic disorders that are commonly accompanied with neurological and psychiatric diseases, the aim of our study is to gain new knowledge on the crosstalk of metabolic factors and neurogenic signaling in the pathophysiology of depression and schizophrenia in animal models. 

Recently, the department is devoted to the research of targeted therapy based on preparation, analysis, and monitoring of active antihypertensive agents and substances affecting lipid metabolism bound to a polymeric and/or magnetic nanoparticles. 

The department in cooperation with material research analyzes the biocompatibility of magnesium implants for clinical use.